A Mayan spinner is an easy to use ancient tool for hand spinning yarn

Hand woven. Hand spun. Hand stitched.

Creating contemporary textiles with ancient tools and techniques.

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Hand woven. Hand spun. Hand stitched.

Vicki Cornish is a Newcastle based fibre artist with a particular interest in historical tools and techniques. Vicki hand spun her first fleece over 30 years ago. Working now in the areas of spinning, weaving and stitching, her craft practice focuses on using natural fibres and low impact methods of processing and dyeing. 

A selection of Vicki's work including hand spun yarn, solar dyed embroidery thread and woven wearables, can be purchased via her Etsy store.


Vicki is available to facilitate workshops in spinning and stitching.  She is an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who loves to show students how they can use simple, ancient tools, to create beautiful, contemporary textiles. 

Vicki has tertiary qualifications in both Visual Arts and Applied Fashion Design and Technology.

Why "Bonsai Woman"?

As a 5ft tall woman, Vicki's interest in textiles has been fueled by the need to make clothes for herself that actually fit! That need has led Vicki to become a passionate believer in slow fashion and a return to slow crafts.

Only Natural Fibres

Bonsai Woman products are made exclusively from natural fibres, many being processed by hand from raw fleece purchased directly from Australian farmers.


Learn to Spin

Learn to Stitch

Learn to Stitch


Mayan Spinning

This is a fun introduction to spinning for anyone who has considered making their own yarn. Mayan Spinners are robust, portable and easy to use tools. Learn all the basic spinning skills, then explore a range of fibres to create your own unique yarn. Spinners will be available to purchase.

Learn to Stitch

Learn to Stitch

Learn to Stitch


Sashiko - Threaded Hitomezashi

Learn to stitch two threaded hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) patterns using a long sashiko needle and Japanese thimble. Stitching technique and pattern transferring will be covered, then participants will explore a colourful range of plant dyed threads and fabrics to give their work a contemporary edge. 


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Perspectives in Parryville Podcast

Perspectives in Parryville Podcast


Interview with Jo Bevan in the Newcastle Herald, May 25, 2019

Perspectives in Parryville Podcast

Perspectives in Parryville Podcast

Perspectives in Parryville Podcast


Interviewed by Mark Parry, an Instructional Designer at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. His podcast aims to provide "unexpected and profound insights from smart people you'd like to meet".  This interview was recorded on April 13, 2020


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If you have a question, or you'd like to organise a workshop or demonstration, please get in touch.